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Looking for a physical and mental reset this summer? These podcasts can help.

JJ Ramberg, co-founder of podcast discovery app Goodpods, shares a woman-hosted podcast playlist that’s aimed at helping you become healthier and happier.

After a challenging year, the summer brings us a new opportunity to reflect on our lives and potentially press the reset button.

So, if you’re looking to seize the summer and focus on yourself, look no further. I put together an awe-inspiring, woman-hosted podcast playlist that’s perfect for a stroll on the beach, a walk in your neighborhood, or while you’re simply sitting during your much-deserved relaxing time.

I hope that after listening you’ll feel inspired to focus on your own physical and mental health journey– and head into the next season with more energy, focus and ability to accomplish your goals.

You can find and listen to this whole list here.

Oprah’s Super Soul: Deepak Choprah: Creating Harmony (37 min)

How can you not gain something from these two powerhouses having a conversation?! Recorded in India back in 2019, the spiritual teacher delves into mind-body medicine and how we can incorporate lessons he’s learned from both his studies and the rich cultural traditions of India into our own lives.

Connections with Eva Longoria: Relationships with Dr. Viviana Coles (26 min)

Relationships are complex, and a healthy relationship takes work. In this podcast episode, Dr. Coles dives into how you can have a truly healthy romantic relationship with your partner, which, of course, greatly enriches our own lives as a result.

The World’s First Podcast with Erin & Sara Foster: How to Live a Better Happier Life (with Rabbi Steve Leder) (1:43)

You cannot come away from listening to Rabbi Leder speak without a clear plan on how you can make life better -- for yourself and those around you. In this podcast episode, Rabbi Leder talks about how to set expectations and be honest with yourself about the roles certain people play (or should play) in your life.

The Nutrition Diva: Test your summer Nutrition Smarts (7 min)

Think you’re eating smart this summer? Let’s find out. You’ll learn a lot from this quick true/false quiz, which covers everything from if fresh strawberries are more nutritious than frozen ones, to finding out if certain foods can protect you against sunburn.

Sakara Life: Eating to Beat Disease with Dr. William Li (56 min)

Dr. Li joins hosts Whitney and Danielle to talk about how what we put in our bodies directly impacts our health. He gives actionable advice on how to eat to ensure our five defense systems remain as strong as possible. This episode is helpful to both people struggling with an illness and those trying to prevent getting sick.

JJ Ramberg is co-founder of podcast discovery app Goodpods.