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Lisa Rubin

Lisa Rubin is a former litigator and the off-air legal analyst for "The Rachel Maddow Show."

Lisa Rubin is a former litigator and the off-air legal analyst for "The Rachel Maddow Show."

Latest from Lisa Rubin

How DOJ’s newest election-time memo is different — and why it matters

Rachel Maddow's reporting on a Merrick Garland memo to DOJ employees about election-time investigations sparked intense reactions. Here's what to know about the document.

Why this ex-aide to Peter Navarro could be a key Jan. 6 witness

Is Garrett Ziegler the missing link between the bizarre December 18, 2020 White House meeting and Donald Trump's tweet promoting January 6?
13d ago

Matt Gaetz’s wingman just filed ‘sensitive information’ under seal.

Joel Greenberg is ready to be sentenced for his crimes—and has been cooperating in ‘ongoing investigations and prosecutions’ against ‘multiple individuals.’ Should Gaetz worry?
15d ago

Why it matters how Pat Cipollone testifies

That the former White House counsel has agreed to appear before the January 6 investigation is big news. But the ground rules for his testimony matter too.
50d ago

Why Supreme Court speculation about ‘ordinary’ folks endangers us all

Some justices' assumptions about guns and pregnancy may shape the term's biggest cases while revealing how little they know about what we need and should have to endure.
62d ago

Abortion providers face increasing threats. Does DOJ have their backs?

Abortion providers face increasing threats. If the Biden administration is committed to reproductive health access, vigorous enforcement of the FACE Act matters.
70d ago

The leaked draft has a fatal flaw. And it's even worse than you think.

Justice Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade ignores the history it claims to honor, neglects sex equality cases, and threatens other rights.
72d ago

Sam Alito's decades-long project

Alito’s antipathy to abortion rights is both longstanding and well documented. But his own involvement in a landmark abortion rights case is often forgotten.
90d ago

Puerto Rico, precedent, and a surprising concurrence

Today, I learned something about our federal law that I’ll confess to never knowing before.
94d ago

Why Gretchen Whitmer couldn't wait

Michigan’s ninety-one-year-old abortion ban could be revived if Roe v. Wade falls—but not if a bold new lawsuit filed by Gretchen Whitmer earlier this month succeeds.
100d ago

Ask a recovering lawyer: Is Ali Alexander really 'cooperating?'

Cooperation in the colloquial sense is not the same as cooperation in the legal sense.